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  • Urban and industrial hydraulics

    Urban and industrial hydraulics

    Urban and industrial sites often require complex structures to be installed in limited spaces and comply with tight restrictions. Physical hydraulic modelling offers a powerful and reliable means of optimising the dimensional designs of such structures and, hence, of reducing the cost of the project.

  • River developments and hydrosedimentary models

    River developments and hydrosedimentary models

    From large-scale flooding issues to risks of local scouring at the foot of bridge piers, the various hydraulic and hydro-sedimentary phenomena occurring in streams and rivers are often complex. Physical modelling is the most effective and reliable tool for accurately reproducing these phenomena and thus guaranteeing optimised dimensional designs of structures.

  • Dams and hydropower

    Dams and hydropower

    Physical modelling offers a means of obtaining a technically and economically optimised design of the hydraulic structures associated with dams and hydropower schemes. In particular, it allows vortices, strong turbulence, and complex flows involving air/water mixtures to be replicated.

  • Port and maritime structures

    Port and maritime structures

    Physical modelling provides port and maritime engineers with invaluable assistance to check and optimise the hydraulic dimensional design and stability of structures exposed to waves in the coastal zone.

  • Coastal and estuarine developments

    Coastal and estuarine developments

    Artelia's Laboratory excels in preserving, improving and enhancing coasts and estuaries for future generations.

  • Specific tests

    Specific tests

    Equipment and skills of the laboratory team at the service of your experiments