What we do

To meet the needs of your projects.


  • Analyse the hydraulic behaviour of structures with complex geometries
  • Characterise and measure flows in detail
  • Model river and torrential flows, steady and unsteady phenomena, bed-load and suspended sediment transport, and the behaviour of floating debris approaching structures
  • Study fluid-structure interactions between waves and maritime structures in the coastal zone, and the behaviour of moored floating structures 
  • Analyse changes to sediment beds, on coasts and in rivers.


  • Optimise the dimensional design of hydraulic structures posing major safety issues
  • Check the stability of breakwaters under wave attack
  • Supply data for calculating the structural stability of concrete facings.


  • Check facilities and infrastructure designed to protect people and property
  • Validate the dimensional designs produced by a design office
  • Enhance the reliability of your project assessments.