Dimensional design of vertical structures

Assessing the impact of waves on vertical structures.

Crest wall fitted with instruments | Artelia hydraulics
Part of a crest wall fitted with instruments in the laboratory
Force and pressure measurements are taken on the model in either 2D or 3D in order to analyse the overall and structural stability of concrete vertical-wall caisson breakwaters, wave energy-absorbing breakwaters or rock revetments, especially when, in the case of breaking waves, high-impact phenomena are expected.

Measuring hydrodynamic forces on a loading platform | Artelia hydraulics
Measuring hydrodynamic forces on a loading platform
The structures being studied are hence instrumented with 3- or 6-axis load cells and evenly-distributed pressure sensors.

A software system then acquires and processes each signal, in order to provide design offices with essential information to help them complete their dimensional design studies.

Analysing the transition between the breakwater and the vertical structures | Artelia Hydraulics
Port of Tanger Med (Morocco). Analysing the transition between the slope and the vertical structures

Constructing caissons on-site | Artelia Hydraulics
Constructing caissons on-site