Key dates

Milestones in the development of the testing centre.

1917-1920 Development of a subsidiary specialising in the manufacture of turbines and gates by Grenoble-based mechanical engineering firm Neyret, Brenier & Cie, which would take the name Neyrpic in 1948. 

Birth of a scale model study and testing centre on the site of the new factory, in the Beauvert district of Grenoble.
1921-1923 First scale models of hydropower schemes
1923 First fixed-bed physical model of a river
1934 First movable-bed physical model of a river
1940 First studies of industrial and urban hydraulics – First physical maritime model (wave disturbance and stability). The laboratory takes the name "Laboratoire Dauphinois d’Hydraulique" 
1951 First movable-bed maritime model
1955 Creation of Sogreah (Société Grenobloise d'études et d'Applications Hydrauliques)
1987 Creation of the new laboratory in Pont-de-Claix
1987 Construction of a torrent modelling area
1991 Construction of the multidirectional wave tank
1998 Development of control and measurement instrumentation - Active Absorption in wave generation
2008 New wave flume
Since 2015 Ramp-up of digital conditioning in data acquisition systems