Hydrodynamics of moored floating structures

Analysing the behaviour of moored floating structures

What we do

Berth stability studies, design of mooring structures

Berth stability | Artelia Hydraulics
Studying berth stability of an LNG carrier

  • Measurement of forces in mooring lines and thrust forces on dolphins, for berthed ships exposed to waves and currents
  • Measurement in anchor lines for floating structures such as wind turbines
  • Recording of floating structure movement under the effect of waves and currents.

Our expertise

  • Modelling of the moored ship's berth or anchoring system in one of our tanks
  • Modelling of hydrodynamic stresses: multidirectional random waves, currents, sea level variations
  • Replication of the complete environment surrounding the moored structure: site bathymetry, presence of obstacles, breakwaters or shoals modifying the wave and current conditions, other floating objects
  • Measurement of mooring forces and thrust forces using strain gauges
  • Stereoscopic measurement of floating structure movement in the six degrees of freedom using infrared cameras (Qualisys system). 


A berth | Artelia Hydraulics
A berth (Scale: 1:80)