General-purpose area for specific models

For "custom-built" models of river hydraulics, dams, or urban and industrial flows.

General-purpose area for specific models | Artelia Hydraulics
General-purpose area for specific models

This vast area accommodates physical models of all sizes and all geometries, especially those with exceptional dimensions. This area never stays in the same configuration for very long, as it changes constantly from one study to the next!

It is composed of:

  •  1600 m² available for specific models of:
      • river hydraulics (water intakes, bridge piers, hydrosedimentary processes, etc.)
      • hydropower schemes (spillways, outlets, water intakes, surge shafts, forebays, etc.)
      • urban and industrial flows (e.g. pumping stations)
  • a hydraulic network for water supply and drainage on the models
  • a water tower delivering a capacity of approximately 400 l/s
  • 2 large-capacity travelling cranes, for transporting equipment and erecting the models.