Our testing facilities

A centre dedicated to your experiments, in hydraulics and other fields...

Compelling assets

100 years of experience and know-how - more than 400 models built over the last 20 years

The Laboratory is in a position to deliver cutting-edge services thanks to its close, constant contacts with the maritime, river, hydro-sedimentary, electromechanical and civil engineers within the Artelia group (6000 employees). The technical facilities and resources that we provide for your projects are commensurate with the level of service you would expect to receive

  • more than 11,000 m2 of testing halls and 3, 200 m2 of outdoor facilities,
  • 5 wave tanks including one with a rotating platform,
  • 3 wave flumes,
  • 1 looped wave & current flume,
  • 1,600 m2 general-purpose area available for specific models,
  • 1 torrent modelling area,
  • 800 m2 of workshops (models, electronic equipment, etc.),
  • 7 travelling cranes for carrying heavy loads in the 2 testing halls and the workshops,
  • A dedicated and experienced team (construction, instrumentation, measurement and calibration, assistance with operation),
  • Cutting-edge hydraulic and hydrosedimentary expertise,
  • Experience and innovation in the design of model prototypes.

Testing facilities I Artelia
Testing facilities

  • Wave flumes

    For an initial check on the dimensional design of a structure, under frontal wave attack.

  • Wave tanks

    For the three-dimensional modelling of specific parts of a structure subject to waves from different directions.

  • Looped flume

    To submit your structure to combined wave and current conditions.

  • General-purpose area

    For "custom-built" models of river hydraulics, dams, or urban and industrial flows.

  • Torrent modelling area

    A unique, tilting platform for studying torrential mountain streams, sediment deposition areas, mudslides, alluvial fans, etc.

  • Workshop

    The area where we produce all our scale models of hydraulic structures.

  • Sedimentology laboratory

    A laboratory for analysing and qualifying sedimentary materials and rockfill.

  • Laboratory instrumentation

    Leading-edge expertise in the instrumentation of hydraulic models.