Integrated wave generation, data acquisition and processing system

Control of wave generators - wave measurements

An integrated system for controlling all the lab facilities and for acquiring and processing the data obtained: the AwaSys/WaveLab software system in the wave flumes and tanks with a 2D module (unidirectional paddle) and 3D module (multidirectional waves), developed by the University of Aalborg (Denmark).

The flumes are fitted with the Active Absorption (AA) system implemented in AwaSys, based on a technique for separating incident and reflected waves by measuring the free-surface elevation using two resistive probes placed in front of the paddle. The system absorbs in real time the waves reflected by the elements in the test zone, preventing these waves from being re-reflected from the paddle towards the structure being tested. It ensures that the required incident wave field is obtained and enhances experiment accuracy.

The WaveLab software is used to process the wave signal and analyse its direction, as well as more generally to process the various parameters recorded during the hydraulic tests, such as measurements of pressures and forces on the structures.

Measuring apparatus

  • Short waves (wave measurement): capacitive probes + directional sensors (electromagnetic current meters) or network of capacitive probes (CERC-6)
  • Long waves (set-up, tide): ultrasound sensors for more accurate measurement of slow fluctuations in water level
  • Overtopping: detention basin on a weigh scale.