LEGI soliton wave propagation at the Artelia laboratory

4 May 2023

LEGI comes to the Artelia Lab to present the results of its research on soliton wave propagation

As part of his thesis at LEGI (Laboratoire des Écoulements Géophysiques et Industriels) on the "Experimental analysis of 2D soliton waves using stereoscopic reconstruction", Thibault LEDUQUE used the multidirectional wave tank of the Artelia laboratory for several weeks in 2022.

Halfway through his 3-year thesis, Thibault came to the Artelia Laboratory on 04/05/2023 to share the results of his research work on 2D soliton wave propagation with the Artelia hydraulic engineering teams, accompanied by his supervisors Hervé MICHALLET and Eric BARTHELEMY.

About 20 ARTELIA engineers and technicians, specialised in maritime hydraulics engineering, attended this fascinating technical presentation of experimental research. Numerous exchanges followed the presentation.

Many thanks to Thibault and to the LEGI for this sharing!


Background note:

Solitons are fascinating objects, localised waves that propagate in shallow waters, over long distances without changing shape. Experimental data on the dynamics of these waves are still scarce.

ARTELIA's multidirectional wave tank is a unique facility, perfectly adapted for this purpose, which has allowed the study of a large number of configurations such as the propagation of an oblique soliton or the dynamics of random states constituted by sets of solitons or by forcings. Thanks to an innovative stereoscopy method developed by LEGI and applied in the ARTELIA basin, the evolution of the shape of the free water surface over an area of 10 m by 10 m could be explored in depth with very fine time steps.

waves solitons
waves solitons : LEGI- UGA