OpenFoam digital modellers visit the Laboratory

14 June 2023

The group of OpenFoam users with their guides in the Hydraulics Laboratory


OpenFoam CFD modellers discover hydraulic physical modelling at the Artelia Laboratory

As part of the FOAM-U conference held in Grenoble on 13 and 14 June 2023, co-organised by Artelia, the 55 participants came to discover our hydraulics laboratory and the physical models currently being studied.

Urban hydraulics, river hydraulics, solid transport, dam hydraulics, maritime hydraulics: the numerical modellers were able to appreciate the diversity of the subjects dealt with on scale models and the technical nature of the problems.

We're always delighted to share our experience and our approach with digital modelling technicians in order to find the best ways of developing hybrid modelling: the combination of the digital and the physical!


OpenFoam group 2
OpenFoam group 2 : Les modélisateurs numériques sur OpenFoam

OpenFoam group 1