Technical meeting with the CEH-CEDEX Hydraulic Laboratory in Madrid

6 March 2024

Visit of the laboratory and its scale models

The Artelia laboratory and the Centre for Hydrographic Studies of CEDEX (CEH-CEDEX) in Madrid organized a day of technical meetings in Grenoble on February 22, 2024, in order to maintain our relationships, detail our activities in the field of hydraulic modeling and share its latest news and advances.

The CEH-CEDEX is a public establishment specializing in the field of hydraulic and hydrosedimentary modeling of continental waters and has therefore a lot to share with Artelia.

The director of the CEH-CEDEX Hydraulics Laboratory, Luis Balairón Pérez, as well as his 2 collaborators, David López Gómez and Francisco-Ramón Andrés Martín, came to visit the installations of the Artelia laboratory, and the different scale models in operation: dams and spillways, river water intakes, intake and outfall structures for pumped storage scheme, breakwaters, urban stormwater drainage networks and dropshafts, etc.

This day was a great opportunity to discuss projects, and methods of hydraulic, physical and numerical modeling. The opportunity to get to know each other better for a possible future collaboration... Next step: planning a visit to the CEH-CEDEX facilities in Madrid!

For more information about CEH-CEDEX: