Northern protection of the Khalifa port container terminal

15 June 2022

Hydraulic stability of the SHAMAL breakwater studied at Artelia's physical modeling laboratory

In early June 2022, representatives from ADEC Engineering Consultancy, National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) and from Abu Dhabi Ports Group came to Artelia’s Lab to attend the 3D physical model tests of a detached breakwater to be built in UAE. This 3 km long breakwater aims at protecting the future extension of the container terminal of the Khalifa port.

Hydraulic stability of the Shamal detached breakwater | Artelia hydraulicsS
Hydraulic stability of the Shamal detached breakwater

These tests are part of a third phase of physical modeling within the framework of the port extension and the continuation of a fruitful collaboration between Artelia, the engineering teams of the Contractor (ADEC/NMDC) and the Port Authority (Abu Dhabi Ports Group).

Shamal Project Team | Artelia hydraulics
Concertation mission of Shamal project team on the physical model