Brondeloire storage basin

Supply system on Brondeloire flood relief basin in Roubaix

Client: Lille Métropole - Model scale: 1:16.48



The “Brondeloire” flood relief and pollution control basin in the town of Roubaix will have a storage capacity of 23,500 m3 and will be supplied at a maximum discharge of 17.3 m3/s via a storm weir, a headrace and a vertical shaft. Considering the strategic importance of this structure and the high discharge, the client, Lille–Métropole, wanted the dimensional design to be validated by a physical model. Artelia was commissioned to perform the study.

Aims of the physical scale model:

Modèle de Brondeloire


  • Characterise the flows along the different structures in the current configuration of the project
  • Optimise the project with regard to the structures on which design criteria may not be met or malfunctions are observed.











Description of the physical scale model:

Modèle de Brondeloire

  • The Trichon sewer is considered over a length of approximately 110 m
  • The four junction chambers and the connections between chambers,
  • The storm weir,
  • The inlet chamber,
  • The headrace,
  • The screening pit,
  • The distribution structure with scum baffles, overflow weirs and grids
  • The frontal screen rake channel with the grid
  • The stepped vortex drop shaft.