“Ganay” flood relief basin (France)

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Client: Vinci Construction / Model scale: 1:20


In order to limit discharges into the environment from a storm sewer outfall, it must be fitted with a diversion and a flood relief basin must be built to allow temporary storage of storm water before it is treated in the treatment plant

Ganay vue 1










Description of the physical scale model

The model represents the following components :

Ganay vue vortex

  • A structure diverting flows from the existing storm sewer outfall to the basin
  • A sewer connecting the diversion structure to the basin
  • The basin equipped with safety weirs, screen rakes and a vortex drop shaft







Aims of the physical scale model

The objective of the model is to check and optimise the operation of the structure.

Ganay 2

The diversion structure must have an inlet capacity of 14m3/s, whatever the conditions inside the basin (clogged screen rakes, basin filling percentage, etc.). It will also provide a greater understanding of complex hydraulic phenomena (flows in the vortex drop shaft, local head losses, flows on weirs under lateral and dissymmetric inlets, etc.)