Sizing of a wave protection structure and analysis by means of 3D scan measurements

Study of a wave protection structure for artifical islands

Client : Royal HaskoningDHV - Model scale : 1/30



Royal HaskoningDHV has appointed ARTELIA to undertake 2D physical model tests with a view to dimensioning the wave protection structures for the artificial islands located within Al Nouf Field in the North-East Bab area (NEB).

Study of 2 typical cross-sections

Aim of scale model

-Check the capacity of the components of the present spillway,

-Study the flow conditions;

-Test the capacity of an additional PK Weir type spillway;

-Check the energy dissipation conditions with two different outlet chute solutions.


Description of scale model

-Large part of the reservoir represented to ensure that approach currents were correctly represented;

-Existing and manoeuvrable gates;

-Additional developments e.g. PK Weir;

-Two types of chute: smooth chute with flip bucket and stepped chute.