Paris-Charles-De-Gaulle Airport - Stormwater segregation system (France)

Optimizing the new structure separating the polluted stormwater

Client: Eiffage - Aéroports de Paris - Scale: 1:10.33

Model of the Stormwater segregation structure
Model of the Stormwater segregation structure


Eiffage was appointed by ADP (Paris Airports Authority) to build a stormwater management system covering the entire Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Prior to commencing the works, Eiffage commissioned Artelia to validate the design of the system’s central structure, whose aim is to segregate clean stormwater runoff and pollutants. For this purpose, Artelia suggested developing a hybrid numerical and physical scale model.

Numerical and physical scale model

  • A physical scale model is used to study the entire approach zone and the intake zone. Its objective is to assess and, if necessary, correct the flows approaching the pumps in order to make sure they operate properly (avoid rotations and vortices).
  • A 3D numerical model is used to study the discharge zone.
  • A 1D numerical model is used to study the system as a whole.

Description of the physical scale model

Segregation structure 3D sketch

The model represented:

  • The upstream tank, which is connected to the supply outlet of the new segregation structure.
  • The connecting outlet,
  • The new structure consisting of a gravity flow channel for clean stormwater and a duct towards the pumping tank for the polluted water.

The model was designed to be modular and modifiable, should design modifications be deemed necessary.