Burdana & Rumela dams (Sudan)

Burdana and Rumela Dams Hydroelectric Complex

Client: Dams Implementation Unit - Model scale: 1/85

Burdana model from downstream side
Burdana model from downstream side

A hydropower complex is to be built in eastern Sudan, consisting of two dams: Burdana and Rumela. The DIU appointed Artelia to design these dams and build scale models of them. The aim of the models is to confirm the design and the appropriate management of these structures in order to ensure a long service life and optimal operation in all flow conditions.




Description of scale models
Rumela model from downstream side
Rumela model from downstream side

  • Flood spillway (bottom and mid-level gates and surface gate)
  • Chute
  • Downstream stilling basin
  • Upstream reservoir


Tests performed

  • Test of 10,000-year flood (Q = 15 300 m3/s)
  • Determination of stage/discharge relations of the various structures
  • Observation of flow conditions on spillways and chutes and in orifices
  • Observation of energy dissipation and stilling basin operation
  • On Rumela: static pressure measurements