Water intake at the Gravelines nuclear power plant (France)

Siphons of the hot water intake

Client: EDF - CNEPE de Tours - Scale: 1:13


Background Gravelines nuclear power plant

Supply the LNG terminal at Dunkirk, built by EDF-CIT, with hot water discharged by the cooling circuits of Gravelines nuclear power plant. One of the services provided by Artelia was to construct a hydraulic model representing a set of two siphons and perform some appropriate tests to validate the design.



Specific aims of the scale model
Scale model of water intake siphons
Scale model of water intake siphons

  • Reduce vortex phenomena at the inlets of the siphons;
  • Optimize both the design and the location of these siphons;
  • Assess the impact of these vortices on water levels and flows over the weirs