Kastraki dam (Greece)

Stability study of Kastraki dam fusegates

Client: Raycap S.A - Model scale: 1:12



a tilted fusegate on the scale model
Scale model : a titled fusegate

It is planned to increase the storage capacity of Kastraki dam by fitting 20 fusegates to the existing weir. Artelia was consulted to built a scale model in order to study the stability of the fusegates.

Description of scale model

  • Only the first and last fusegates were modelled.
  • Measurement and recording of dynamic pressures on the structures.
  • Measurement of weir nappe profiles.


two fusegates on the scale model
Scale model: two fusegates

Aims of model

  • Study of hydraulic conditions in which the two fusegates are tilted.
  • Tests in normal and downgraded conditions.
  • Adjustment of fusegate counter-weights.