Nghi Son Refinery Pumping station (Vietnam)

Pumping station on the outfall from Nghi Son petrochemicals complex

Client: SK E&C - Model scale: 1/12


Air entrainment in suction bell
Air entrainment in suction bell

In the framework of the development of a refinery on the coast of Vietnam 200 km south of Hanoi, the consortium commissioned Artelia to perform physical scale model tests on the pumping station of the sea outfall in order to validate its hydraulic dimensional design.

Aims of the physical scale model

The objective of the model was to confirm or optimise the internal configuration of the pumping station by checking the flow conditions:

  • in the station (screens, distribution chambers);
  • on the suction side of the pumps (pre-rotation, vortex, air entrainment).

The model highlighted the development of a surface vortex of impressive power, at the suction of one of the pumps under certain hydraulic operating conditions. This vortex, visible in the photo above, is such that the efficiency of the pump concerned would have been greatly reduced and the vibrations and malfunctions caused would have quickly led to the complete destruction of the equipment. Tests on a physical model made it possible to identify and verify a simple and rapid way to prevent the development of this phenomenon, and thus to preserve the hydromechanical equipment of the pumping station, by installing water guide walls, judiciously placed and designed.

Description of the physical scale model

Scale model of the pumping chamber
Scale model of the pumping chamber

The model represented the pumping station geometry, including in particular three 3 pumps and their respective wet wells. Each pump was represented by a bell-mouth pipe made of a transparent material