Charmine dam (France)

Design of an additional spillway on the dam

Client : EDF - CIH - Model scale : 1/35


Existing dam in overflow conditionsBackground

Artelia was contacted by the EDF hydraulic engineering center with a view to studying various developments aimed at increasing the capacity of the flood spillway while remaining below the maximum water level elevation.

Aim of scale model

  • Check the capacity of the components of the present spillway,
  • Study the flow conditions;
  • Test the capacity of an additional PK Weir type spillway;
  • Check the energy dissipation conditions with two different outlet chute solutions.


Model of current dam configuration

Description of scale model

  • Large part of the reservoir represented to ensure that approach currents were correctly represented
  • Existing and manoeuvrable gates
  • Additional developments e.g. PK Weir
  • Two types of chute: smooth chute with flip bucket and stepped chute