The Chagnon sediment deposition area (France)

Design of a solid transport retention structure on the Chagnon torrent

Client: Commune de Vars - Model scale: 1:50



A sediment deposition area is to be created on the river Chagnon upstream of its confluence with the Chagne to limit sediment inflow during floods

Chagnon 1
Chagnon 1 : Chagnon 1
Aim of scale model

  • Size the sediment deposition area outlet structure
  • Check sediment deposition area efficiency











Description of scale model

Chagnon sediment depostion area
Chagnon sediment depostion area

  • Continuous sediment inflow and stream flow based on stepped hydrographs
  • Modelling of the 100-year floodFloating debris inflow
  • Floating debris inflow
  • Erodable bed in sections
  • Continuous measurement of outgoing sediment discharge