Port of Palmeira (Cape Verde Islands)

Wave stability of the main breakwater

Client: Mota Engil - Scale: 1/48


Aim of the study

  • Stability and overtopping studies of the main breakwater using a wave tank

  • Search for a specific solution to stabilise the structure’s toe mound

The structure

  • Accropode™ II armour facing consisting of 4 to 10 m3 units

  • Toe mound made of artificial blocks weighing 10, 17 and 34T on the roundhead


Main breakwater in wave basin | Artelia hydraulics
Main breakwater in wave basin


Overtoppings of the roundhead | Artelia hydraulics
Overtoppings of the roundhead

Specific project features

  • Very steep bed slope at the landward end of the breakwater, resulting in an increase in the power of waves in that area
  • First row of blocks placed using a nestling technique specifically adapted to the landward end of the structure