Extending the port of Mostaganem (Algeria)

Design of main and secondary breakwaters

Client: Public Works Directorate - Scales: 1/48.5 (2D) - 1/59 (3D)

Wave flume and wave tank testing of harbor dikes in the preliminary design phase of the extension studies

Trunk section of the main breakwater in 2D | Artelia hydraulics
Trunk section of the main breakwater in 2D


2D modelling

  • Comparative analysis of 3 current-section alternatives with armour made of either 20 m3 Grooved Cubic Blocks (BCR) or 18 m3 ACCROPODETM II.

  • Optimization of structures by lowering the crest, based on results from the wave flume tests



Main breakwater exposed to 100 year wave condition in 3D | Artelia hydraulics
Main breakwater exposed to 100-year wave condition in 3D


3D modelling

  • Tests of the structures for two prevailing wave directions
  • Main jetty in BCR of 20 m3
  • Secondary breakwater in BCR of 6.3 m3