Gopalpur harbour (India)

Reconstruction of port infrastructure

Client: Shapoorji Pallonji Group - Scales: 1/52.5 et 1/40 (2D) - 1/60.5 (3D)

Reconstruction of the port of Gopalpur destroyed in 2013 by an exceptional cyclonic storm

2D model of the main jetty | Artelia hydraulics
2D model of the main jetty

Stability study of the main breakwater in 8 m3 Accropode™, overtoppings and wave disturbance transmitted behind the structure:

  • in wave channel for two current sections reproduced respectively at scales of 1:52.5 for the main breakwater and 1:40 for the intermediate jetty,

  • in a wave basin at 1:60.5 scale, for the study of singular zones of the main jetty: the elbows and the roundhead.


Stability tests in wave basin | Artelia hydraulics
Stability tests in wave basin ...


  • Length of main dike reproduced: 800 m

  • 100-year wave condition: Hs= 8.3 m; Tp=11 s

... and overtoppings measurements | Artelia hydraulics
... and overtoppings measurements