Cherbourg harbour (France)

Platform extension

Client: SODRACO INTERNATIONAL SAS - Scales: 1/30 (2D) - 1/43 (3D)

Purpose of physical modeling

Stability and overtopping of the breakwater enclosing the new reclamation area dedicated to the development of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE):

Services provided

Straight section built of rockfill in 2D | Artelia hydraulics
Straight section built of rockfill in 2D

  • 2 wave flume (2D) models of the rockfill straight sections (scale 1:30)
  • 2 wave tank (3D) models of the East and West bends (scale 1:43)


... ...and in with 3D | Artelia hydraulics
...and in with 3D

Main characteristics of the structures

  • Facing: 6 T grooved cubic units and rockfill up to 1.5-3 T
  • Length studied for each 3D model: 400 m




East bend in 3D | Artelia hydraulics
East bend in 3D

Specific project feature

Two very distinct wave directions (N35° and N295°) related to the configuration of the site, which is sheltered from the open sea by the detached breakwater in the Cherbourg roadstead