Development of the "Carré de la Réunion" wastewater treatment plant (France)

3D hydraulic characterization of the structure operation

Client: SMAROV - Model scale: 1:15


SMAROV, the Versailles west regional development agency, has launched an ambitious programme to upgrade Carré de Réunion wastewater treatment plant; numerous hydraulic structures are to be built to improve flood protection and reduce environmental pollution during heavy rainfall.

In the framework of the complete design and construction supervision assignment awarded to Artelia (previously Sogreah), the use of a scale model was proposed to study operation of the decontamination tank.

Description of the physical scale model

Very long model (>25m) built of plywood with some components made of transparent Plexiglas

Aims of the physical scale model

  • Check the distribution of flows between the various channels
  • Adjust the feeder weirs
  • Study operation of vertical shafts
  • Measure velocity at valve outlet
  • Adjust the crest level of the walls