Taksebt drinking water treatment plant (Algeria)

improvement of the flow distribution in a treatment plant

Client: Degrémont - Model scale: 1:10


Degrémont commissioned ARTELIA with construction of a scale model of the distribution chamber at Taksebt drinking water treatment plant. The aim of the study is to determine the causes of the poor distribution of flows between the various settling tanks, and to find a remedy for this.

Description of the physical scale model

The distribution chamber up to the outlet weirs and two baffles upstream of the chamber are modelled
The measurements carried out were:
  • Measurements of levels;
  • Ingoing and outgoing flow rates;
  • Velocity and pressure
as well as visual observations.

Aims of the physical scale model

The aims of the pysical scale model are:

  • Study the various present distributions of flow and compare them with in-situ measurements;
  • Examine various potential solutions to improve distribution, according to various operating conditions (number of settling tanks open);
  • Measure the dynamic pressures exerted on the rails (solution adopted).