Pumping station of La Bassée (France)

Etude d'une station de pompage pour fortes crues

Client: EPTB Seine Grands Lacs - Model scale: 1:18



In March 2017, EPTB Seine Grands Lacs awarded the project management contract for the operation of the La Bassée pilot site to the research group SETEC-ARTELIA-ECOSPHERE-LWA.

The pilot site corresponds to the creation of the first dammed space of a series of ten to temporarily store the waters of the Seine river during periods of high flooding. This project includes the construction of a pumping station housed in an existing natural channel connected to the minor bed on the right bank of the Seine river.

Aims of the physical scale model

The aims of the physical model of the pumping station is to verify the hydraulic supply conditions of the pumps in a flood situation of the Seine river, and to identify structural solutions to improve these conditions.

In particular, the focus is on:

  • The interaction between currents in the Seine and flow called by the pumping station, among others:

- The effect of curvature at the inlet of the feed channel on the conditions of approach to the pumping station;

- The impact of the pumping flow call on the flow conditions in the Seine bed

  • The currents of approach on the work;
  • The conditions for supplying the pumps.

Description of the physical scale model

The physical model represents:

  • The minor bed of the Seine on a line of about 170 m upstream of the axis of the feed channel towards the pumping station and about 125 m downstream;
  • The entire supply channel to the pumping station;
  • The pumping station, equipped with its 8 pumps.